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Hello! I am a midwife. I started blogging during an internship in Slovenia in 2016 and created this platform as a follow up.


With Midwife Without Borders I hope to explore how we can overcome borders and obstacles in midwifery care and how we can bring the right resources, knowledge and talents to the people and places where they are needed most. I have a special passion for and interest in Sub-Saharan Africa.


In my spare time, I love to pick up my camera and capture life as I see it. Street photography is one of my passions. On the edges of life, beauty is born. During my journey in photography, I developed strong observational skills that help me greatly in my work as a midwife.

I love warm weather, passionate people, spicy food and hot coffee. I have a soft spot for technology, research and campfires.  

 About Midwife Without Borders 

Midwife Without Borders is a starting movement that aspires to contribute to establishing safe and sound midwifery care, especially for the less privileged and for those with special needs. The movement aims at caring without borders by looking beyond and overcoming borders and limitations. Feel welcome to become part of this movement and to bring your talents and ideas on board. The concept is still in full development. It is the expedition that makes the road.

 Professional Background 

I have a background in the field of European and International Environmental Law and experience in academic research (L.LM., M.Phil). My desire to contribute to perinatal health in sub-sahara Africa made me to leave the legal field. I picked up a bachelor in Midwifery in 2012, which I completed in 2016. I am currently working as an obstetric sonographer in the Netherlands and training as a gynecologic sonographer. I am looking forward to embed my expertise in the near future into environments where my skills and knowledge are needed most. I have an allround experience in project management and journalistic productions. You can hire me for assignments on perinatal health topics that cross borders.


If I mention specific brands or products on my website, I do not endorse nor promote them and I am in no way commercially involved. Furthermore, my opinions are my own and they may develop over time as as I grow in expertise.

This blog shares and discusses medical information but provides no medical advice whatsoever. For personal medical advice you are recommended to consult your medical professional. No liability can result from reliance upon information provided on this website.
If I am unwillingly or unknowingly using any information or resources without properly respecting your copyright, please contact me and I will address your concern right away. I transferred messages from my old blog to this new page and that resulted in some loss of references. I am working on adding them.

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