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Life Before Birth - In the Womb

Documentary with poetry, opening a window into the hidden world of the foetus. Each trimester followed in amazing details. The development of the growing fetus explored from conception to delivery. A journeyt that is often a gripping battle for survival. 

By Jezza Neumann & Xoliswa Sithole, 2010

Story on the traumatizing daily life of the children of Zimbabwe, a country with the highest concentration orphans in the world. Won in 2011 the BAFTA award.

Follow up of the story can be watched here.

The Mountain Midwives of Vietnam

Birthrights - Al Jazeera, 2011

The infant and maternal mortality rates in the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam are 10 times higher than the national average. See how the Mountain Midwives of Vietnam need to balance between tradition and modernity.


The Jungle Midwife

Unreported World - Chatham House 2013

Local midwife Olga Yetikoua struggles to help women who would die without her intervention, despite an absence of electricity and ultrasound and with only the drugs she can carry.

What we don't know about mother's milk

Katie Hinde, April 2017

Why does science know more about tomatoes than mother's milk?

The Bush Doctor - Tanzania

Foundation for African Medicine & Education

The Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME) endeavours to help bridge the gap between a critically under-resourced healthcare system and first-world medicine.

FAME is currently focused on improving the quality and accessibility of medical care in Tanzania.

A midwife's tale in Nigeria

MSF/Doctors Without Borders. March 3, 2011

In this video we hear from midwife Jean Stowell, working for MSF in Nigeria. She talks about some of the challenges she faces in her job and what it takes to be a midwife for MSF. 

Day in the life of a midwife in Ghana

Oxfam, May 25, 2012

Every week, around 75 women in Ghana die because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. 

This film was made with the support of the European Commission

Animation by Silvio Falcinelli

The development of human life in the womb showing that life is truly a miracle. 

AMREF-Stand Up for African Mothers campaign

Every year in Sub-Saharan Africa, almost 200,000 women die during pregnancy or childbirth. Midwives are a solution to this tragedy. This AMREF aims to train 15,000 midwives in Africa. [2016] 


Passing through the birth canal, a baby gets swapped with microbiota. Nutritionist, microbiologist and neuroscientist, Ruairi Robertson explains how your belly controls your brain. [2015]

TEDex/Medical Visualization

Alexander Tsiaras showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. 


Bettina Breunig, qualified midwife since 2007, shares her natural view on birth, life and death.

TEDxRC² talk

Edna Adan Ismail, pioneer in meeting local health challenges in civil war hit Somaliland, explains how training midwives can make the difference. 

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