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Friday night, hungry from traveling and frozen by the snow, we chose a small restaurant in one of the cosy medieval streets of Ljubljana, restaurant Robba. This turned out to be a great culinary experience for an affordable price. I wonder if an even better restaurant can be found in town. The food was simply delicious. It was far from the mainstream food you often get in restaurants, the flavors were nicely selected and balanced; in short, a real sensation. The same goes for the home mixed juices, and all that in a stunning designed and welcoming entourage, with friendly staff and nice music... they even played our own Milow!

On Saturday, two lovely Slovenian friends took us on a wonderful outing in the Slovenian mountains, more precisely to Krvavec, the second largest ski resort in the country. The snow covered scenery was impressive and after the climb to the top we enjoyed some traditional local mountain dishes. "Jota" is a bean and sauerkraut soup, "Skutini Struklji" a cheese-curd pastry topped with sweet berries. As Belgians, we couldn't skip having a taste of the local beer Lasko. Pivovarna Lasko is the leading Slovenian Beer Brewery and goes back to 1825. It survived the turbulent political tidings the country went through in the last two centuries and is an example of Slovenian entrepreneurship.

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