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Easter Magic

​​I wish everyone to whom I couldn't reach out personally, a Happy Easter! I guess we all can do with some touch of magic these days :-). Sometimes it might be a matter of finding the right mindset or another set of eyes. Even an ugly concrete wall can put a smile on your face when you look twice ;-).​​

For me, part of the magic of Easter was celebrating the Mass with the international church community and gathering for a potluck afterwards. When you're away from home, sharing food and stories in good company is a blessing! I even forgot to take pictures!

In the afternoon, I went for a stroll in the Tivoli Park, literally the lungs of the town. Under a gentle sunshine, I saw the first signs of new life popping up in the forest. Climbing to the top, I got a great ​​view on the town. Maybe it was the first fresh air since a long time, or the power of the first sunshine on my light deprived skin... or the release of all accumulated stress... but man, I felt exhausted when the sun was going down and I was about to set out for home.

On my way back home I visited the Sladoledni Bar Grefino. No, I didn't go for a drink: in this new bar, they don't tap beer, but ice cream! There is a wall with handles connected to ice cream machines that contain different flavors. In this self service ice cream bar, you can simply "tap" your own ice cream, chose your toppings and dressings et voila: your unique ice cup is ready. You pay for the weight of what you "tapped". ​​I must say, it was the best ice cream I ate in a long time and a perfect closure of my day! Or as they say in Slovenian: gre fino! Everything goes fine!

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