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Women in Slovenia

Slightly more than half of the people living in Slovenia is a woman. Should you happen to meet one of them and not know her name, your best guess would be to call her either ‘Marija’ or ‘Ana’, as they are the most common female names in the country. In 2014, Eva was the most common name given to baby girls.

In that year, 21,200 children were born in Slovenia. Women here have their first child at a mean age of 29.1 years (as a comparison: in The Netherlands this is 29.4 years and in Belgium 28.2). This mean age has risen considerably over the years (in 1994, it was 24.8 years). In 2015, the crude birth rate in Slovenia was 10.1 life births per 1000 people.

If the Slovenian mortality rate stays the same, the baby girls will on average live well into their eighties. Life expectancy of women in Slovenia is 83.7 years. Long live women! ;-) Women in Slovenia are also more satisfied with life than men. And many of them will probably receive some form of higher education. In 2014, 60% of the graduates were women. Also, approximately 4 out of 10 people with a PhD in the country are female. Quite a rise since 1906, when Marija Urbas was the first Slovene woman to obtain a doctorate!

All that glitters is not gold, however. Among other things, women in Slovenia still run a somewhat higher risk of ending up in poverty than men. This goes especially for women who are more than 65 years old or unemployed. Furthermore, there were over 1,600 victims of physical and/or sexual violence a year over the last years. Around 200 women a year reporting sexual violence in the broader sense. Judging by police data, women most often fall victim to domestic violence.

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